Pacitech Chemical Engg. Pvt. Ltd.

Innovative Products & Services for Marine, Oil & Gas, Process & Heavy Industry

Specialist Service Provider & Authorized Distributor for
High Performance Corrosion, Wear & Abrasion Protection Coatings, Epoxy Grouts, Sealing Compound and Engineering Repair & Maintenance solutions

Pacitech Chemical Engineering Private Limited


About Us

Pacitech Chemical Engineering Private Limited has been successfully offering products & services to the Marine, Ship Building & Repair, Oil & Gas, Process & Heavy Industry Segments for 20+ years with focus on Engineering Maintenance, Corrosion, Wear & Abrasion Protection Systems. Based out of Mumbai with our trained workforce we offer our products & services throughout India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh.

We are a company bringing to the region some of the most trusted & proven global brands in the field of Specialist Corrosion Protection Systems & Coatings, Cold Weld Repair Systems, Marine Epoxy Chocking Compound, Cable Sealing Compounds, Marine Bearings & various other engineering solutions.

With our fully equipped team of trained, highly skilled & experienced technicians we offer a Complete Solution to our Clients from Products to Applications.